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 Power Bonded; Warders.

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Power Bonded; Warders. Empty
PostSubject: Power Bonded; Warders.   Power Bonded; Warders. I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2011 9:27 pm

Tower Trained Warders.

By White Tower custom all Warders are men and must undertake rigorous training under the authority of appointed officials possessing great skill, most specifically the Gaiden Commander who oversees all aspects of his charges. Once a character has progressed its skills and resourcefulness to a fine point it will be approved to the status of Warder and made available for potential bonding.

Warder Ranks.

Fledgling; a Warder-in-training, learning from more experienced seniors.

Warder; an appointed Warder, showing the skill of finesse expected of its kind.

Veteran Warder; a battle-proven Warder, with a long and glorified career.

As a bonded Warder a character has given a pledge to keep his Aes Sedai safe until death, and most anticipate inevitable death in the war against the Shadow. The bond with an Aes Sedai will increase a Warder's stamina to stave off fatigue when normal men would have collapsed, and grants an ability to sense most forms of Shadowspawn within a reasonable proximity. The Warder skill set is as follows...

Survival Skills.

Fledgling -- Survival Skills I; the ability to survive anywhere in the Westlands.
Warder -- Survival Skills II; the ability to survive anywhere in the Aiel Waste.
Veteran Warder -- Survival Skills III; the ability to survive in the Great Blight.

Sense Shadowspawn.

Bonded Warder -- Sense Shadowspawn I; the ability to sense Shadowspawn which carry a strong essence of the Shadow such as Myrddraal and Trollocs when they come within 50 yards.

Veteran Warder -- Sense Shadowspawn II; the ability to sense Shadowspawn which were lightly touched by the Shadow such as Dragkhar and Gray Men when they come within 5 yards.

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Power Bonded; Warders.
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