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Welcome to WoT; Destiny, where all your Wheel of Time needs can be met! Our forum boasts an intricately layered forum hierarchy, a sleek built-in chat box and categories for multifaceted use by members; including an expansive role playing section.

Unlike typical role playing communities, WoT; Destiny will challenge a member's writing skill as well as their character dynamics and depth of portrayal.

Fulfilling all your Wheel of Time wants, needs & desires.
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   The  Wheel  of  Time  Guide.

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  The  Wheel  of  Time  Guide. Empty
PostSubject:  The  Wheel  of  Time  Guide.     The  Wheel  of  Time  Guide. I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 20, 2015 1:26 pm

  The  Wheel  of  Time  Guide. Books-2013-the-wheel-of-time-icon3
WoT  Database          The  Source  Guide          The  Token  Exchange

WoT  Destiny  is a non-canon adaptation of the Third Age where members may choose how their characters develop, which factions to ally with and what kind of path toward Tarmon Gai'don they would like to walk. Filling roles of prominence will involve an administrative election process.

WoT  Tokens  fuel character development and must be earned via favorable participation in events.

Attributes  focuses on setting boundaries on physical capability and mental fortitude, broken into four integral parts, and should be chosen with care because increasing one will also decreases a character's potential in others.
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 The  Wheel  of  Time  Guide.
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