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 └→ IC Income.

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PostSubject: └→ IC Income.   Thu May 22, 2014 2:03 pm

A  Guide  to  In-Character  Income
- -- --- ----- ----- ----- ----- ---- --- -- -

--  Synopsis:


- --- ----- --- -
--  Exchange:
- --- ----- --- -

     5th Class Wealth.
 N/A  (  Default  ).

Mostly associated with the "common class," such characters only possess a modest income.

     4th Class Wealth.
 25 Tokens.

Mostly associated with moderately successful professions, such as innkeepers, merchants and sailors.

     3rd Class Wealth.
 50 Tokens.

Mostly associated with professions that have met with great success and often a measure of acclaim.

     2nd Class Wealth.
 75 Tokens.

Mostly associated with "lowborn" nobility, raised from the common class in recognition of uncommon success.

Such wealth can support a lavish and altogether carefree lifestyle but cannot contend with that of the highborn class, capable of purchasing something of exceptional value here or there but never consistently.

     1st Class Wealth.
 100 Tokens  (  NPC License  ).

Mostly associated with "highborn" nobility and the Great Houses found throughout the Westland's many nations, or the High Blood of Seanchan, which are generally capable of purchasing just about anything without breaking the bank; only worrying about whether so will offend characters with a higher political standing while leaping at any opportunity to tweak a rival's nose. Such wealth was acquired over generations.

     Zero Class Wealth.
 Plot Device  (  Restricted  ).

Mostly associated with the royal family of a powerful nation or empire which was wealthy to begin with, else its claim to the throne wouldn't have held, and is now supplemented by taxation, donations and politicking.

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└→ IC Income.
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