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 └→ Shielding & Severing.

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PostSubject: └→ Shielding & Severing.   └→    Shielding & Severing. I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 22, 2014 7:06 pm

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-{( -----  Source Blocking  ----- )}-
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--  Shielding:

In order to stop a channeling class character from touching the True Source another character capable of channeling must drive a special weave of pure Spirit between the target and the One Power, a shield which must be maintained or tied off to remain; once a shield is removed the character would instantly know it, and would then be able to channel again. Shielding a character who isn't expecting it is the easiest method, and attempting to shield someone already embracing the One Power is a much more difficult feat to accomplish.

A shield must always consist of more Power Taps than the maximum Strength of Power its target is capable of channeling, or that character may be able to hold it off by matching the weave's magnitude and thus rebuff the attempt, which is why there is significance in using a Circle for capturing channeling class characters.

If the attempt to shield a channeler is successful then that buffer must still be constantly maintained by a weave magnitude greater than its Strength of Power so the captive character cannot overwhelm it by force.

****Note:  If a shield is tied off the captive character may find a way to unravel the weave, given time.

--  Severing:

Mostly referred to as Stilling or Gentling in this Age, depending on the unfortunate character's gender, Severing is exactly as it sounds-- being permanently severed from the True Source. There is only a hair's difference between Shielding and Severing as both weaves consist of pure Spirit, though where a shield is blunted and does no permanent damage the flow for severing possesses a "sharp" edge of intent.

Characters that have been Severed always manifest a profound melancholy, causing the very atmosphere around them to become depressive in the face of what they've lost. Aes Sedai that have been "Stilled" or burned out are always put out to pasture, far away from the White Tower so as not to become a constant reminder.

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└→ Shielding & Severing.
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