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└→    Saidin Guide. Books-2013-the-wheel-of-time-icon3
An Informative Guide to Saidin
- -- --- ----- ----- ----- ----- ---- --- -- -

- --- -  Spinning Weaves   - --- -  Saidar   - --- -  True Power   - --- -

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

--  Synopsis:

Harnessing saidin makes a character feel truly alive, a sensation far beyond anything that can be achieved through the mundane ways of those incapable of channeling; there is no looking back for most. All senses are heightened, more crisp and distinct, able to detect the faintest of scents and pick out individual leaves on a far distant tree... It is no wonder that a "gentled" man-- severed from the Source-- has a very short life expectancy.

A channeling male will only be able to sense the ability in other male characters, when present, and the two must be in close proximity to accomplish even that. Though there are no visible signs of a channeling male holding the Power, just an exuding sense of great intensity, such characters will be able to sense saidin being held by others and gauge their "Strength of Power." Weaves of the male Source will also be reasonably visible.

Channeling females will not be able to detect the ability in channeling males, nor be able to identify whether or not they are holding the Power, and weaves of saidin are imperceptible though they can be reasoned out.

Men are generally stronger with channeling Earth and Fire than women, but Spirit seems equally distributed.

--  Default Benefits:

Channeling males will automatically have a 5th Class affinity for Earth and Fire.

- --- ----- ----- --- -
--  Notable Risk:
- --- ----- ----- --- -

- --- ----- ----- --- -

It is possible for a character to "overdraw" upon the True Source, exceeding the amount of Power it can safely harness and wield; this limitation is relevant to "Strength of Power." The consequences of overdrawing vary, but in most cases it will result in having the ability to channel permanently burned out or an eruption of powerful channeling based strongly on elemental affinities. These results will be based on the amount of turns.

--  Overdrawing Basis:

Any channeling character is able to "overdraw" for three turns with no permanent effects, though they will be extremely fatigued and most likely rendered incapable of channeling for at least one full ICharacter day.

Overdrawing exceeds a character's "Strength of Power" by a maximum value of 50.

Overdrawing for longer than three turns will result in permanent effects, though the amount of turns will determine how severe those effects are. Ceasing before the tenth turn will either result in a reduced "Strength of Power" or having the ability to channel burned out completely; continuing to the tenth turn is lethal.

Overdrawing on the tenth and final turn boosts a character's "Strength of Power" by a maximum value of 100.

The Dark One's Taint;
- --- ----- ----- ----- --- -

Overusing the Saidin comes with a high price, one which drives any channeling male into a unique terminal madness, although being directly linked to the Dark One buffers the wielder from being tainted. This infliction will manifest in a myriad of ways, though it almost always creep into an all-consuming paranoia and impulse to destroy anything or anyone that can be perceived as a threat to the character and anyone it cares for.
****Note: This affliction does not apply to Dreadlords or other channeling characters directly linked with the Dark One, as depicted in the Wheel of Time novels, by a sort of ethereal catalyst which protects them from the Taint. This catalyst may only be broken by the Dark One, the character in possession of it or the Age's Dragon.

--  Creeping Madness:

Madness will begin to manifest at an "appropriate" time in a character's story, but never before six real-time months have passed since first beginning to willfully channel. These instances will usually be aligned with the character's morality, but will always come with irrepressible paranoia and a recurrent personal hallucination.

It would be so easy for a character, good or bad, to give in to the encroaching madness... and it would most likely make things a lot more interesting, too! Once a character gives in to the madness there will be no turning back, and its particular set of symptoms are expected to steadily increase to a crescendo over the next three real-time months. Such characters will generally be hunted down and killed by just about anyone, regardless of alignment, as they are extremely dangerous. There is, however, hope for the terminally insane-- an exceedingly rare talent for Healing diseases of the mind, which can only be attained by a "grandmaster" of Healing.

Instances of Madness;
- --- ----- ----- ----- --- -

After the madness sets in staff will randomly, but with increasing frequency, create a special event specially tailored for that particular character with a set of impulses it must act on; turning the Power upon itself is also an option. Surviving such an event will prolong the character's life but death seems utterly inevitable.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
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└→ Saidin Guide.
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